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A chengwin is a cross between two birds/animals/items, usually a chicken and a penguin. This most common variation creates a 'superbird' that can both fly and live in sub-Antarctic temperatures. But that's not all: it provides a delightful meat that can be fried, cooked or even flipped like a pancake.

A less common variation is the cross between a hen and Keith Chegwin, which runs from door to door attempting to sell washing powder whilst wearing a Hawaiian shirt and making disturbing chicken-like grunts.

Influence of the chengwin on modern society[edit | edit source]

The Chengwin Association of You Nork attempts to replicate the actions of the chengwin by flying south to British Antarctic Territory each winter. Participants are not permitted to use public transport and can use only bits of cardboard to create wings.

What the hellk?[edit | edit source]

No, I'll level with you. There's no such place as You Nork, you nork.

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