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For those who like Satire, the so-called funny people at Uncyclopedia have an article about Citizendium.

Citizendium is a failed Wikipedia rip-off invented sometime in the past by Lawerence Q. Sanger. It requires users to post their full real name, not just their full so-called real name and first letter of their impossible-to-spell-and-pronounce surname. It constantly asks users to give them moar money to be even moar of a failure by pretending to be on the fast track of making Wikipedia obsolete. Frequent guests include Garfield, Wonder Woman, and Elvis.

Citizendium is a comprehensive encyclopedia covering such urgent encyclopedic topics as Pokemon, Led Zeppelin, Kenan Thompson, Jon Stewart, and sex shops.

Their system forces their members to sign up as either an author and an editor. Authors basically are peasants who write the crap. Editors are fancy people who are forced to post their credentials on the site and have ultimate editorial authority, despite a CZ policy of a bottom-up system, which has been filpped to match that of Wikipedia. Editors can also approve articles to state that they are sufficient in pseudoscience. Constables (who must be old farts with at last a Master's degree, PhD preferred) police the site with banhammers and burning buttons.