Deus ex Machina

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Deus ex Machina? Wha'? You're speaking gibberish, man. I have no idea what a day-ooze ex machinehead is... is that like a Motorhead? Motorhead is pretty cool! THE AAACE OF SPAAADES!!

It ain't English[edit]

Oh la la! So it's some kind of French term now, is it? La dee dah, mister Frenchman! Would you like some bagelettes with your machineheads? No? Okay, good, because I was going to eat them myself.

Say what you want about the French, they make some good wheats.

It ain't French either, it's Latin[edit]

Latin?! You mean like Latin America? Snap, man, what would a machinehead be doing in Latin America, besides cocaine and banging hot Brazillian actresses? I wish I was in Latin America right now... *fade into daydream*

*Slap!* Wake up![edit]

Ow! Okay, so the old language thing, latin... but who the hell would know what it means then? All the Latins are long dead, victim to their own deadly Salsa dance moves.

It means God in the Machine[edit]

Really? Oh man!

Thank you, invisible dude who can read dead languages! I've been looking for God for years, trying to find peace and enlightenment, but now I finally know!

He's in the machine!