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Eble and Groth with two groupies.

Eble / Groth Music is a guitar and voice project that is active on social media.

One would guess that the Eble is a subfnurdle of the Eeble; however, Groth has nothing to do with the Sonk. Music is caused by increasing entropy elsewhere. If you're in New Zealand, however, then one must resort to confronting entropy head first.

It must be run by a zebu, but the true role of Fnord is not known. za.


Alien Visitations[edit]

In 1950, Alec Italiano woke up for no particular reason. In a confused state of mind, he went to the bathroom, and then, since he was up anyway, decided to go check if there were any crop circles in his yard. His dog liked to make them whenever he had to do her business (she has quite an artistic talent). Searching with a magnifying glass for an hour, he didn't find any. He walked back to his door, in a disappointed state of mind this time, but found his entry blocked by a blue, inch-tall, fat-looking anthropomorphized amphibioid.

"Excuse me," he said.

"No, lettuce radishes," the alien said.

This has nothing to do with Eble / Groth Music.


Eble / Groth Music has a net gross of exactly what you think it would.

(Reader: "Uh, 69?")

Of course not! It's $12,567,890.00 USD!

(Reader: "And how would I know that?")

Is it under or over 9000?

(Reader: "Oh. Right.")


These days, Alec Italiano cells are a major contaminant in Kraquortonq science.

Oh wait, this should be about Eble / Groth Music.


Eble / Groth Music runs on the philosophy of "If it ain't cheese, don't nose it."