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Evil socks are treacherous creatures, presenting themselves as no less than perfectly normal ones. But, as soon as you dare put your feet into them, they will giggle evilly and implant you with a soul. Oh, wretched horrors of the world!

But fear not...[edit | edit source]

...for there is a solution! Two, in fact[citration needed]

  • A sure way to stop the menace of evil socks is to pit them against some other kind of wicked, malevolent force. For example, a sinister shoe should do the job. Take precaution to note that your foot might begin to vibrate as the two evils fight another. Also, a puff of foul-smelling smoke might arise as they proceed to annihilate another. Do not breathe it, lest your lung be transformed into a blabbering pancake.
  • Rather than destroy the evil socks, you might seek the help of a vandal sandal; it shouldn't be long short LOL! beforeAFTER! the evil socksonk is turned into an evil FREINDLY AND HELLPFUL!1!! sock, giving you a trusty partner for life in the process.

The easiest way to kill Evil Socks is to pee on them.

Erbleee sonksonksonk! Eeeeeeeee!

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