Farting Butterflies

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The most important question of life... Can butterflies fart?

The answer?

Nobody knows. (except ME!!! mUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!11)

Scientific studies[edit | edit source]

Many people have dedicated their lives to finding out the answer to this question, only to die without knowing. Even the great Graham Hamrag, who once built a device that was supposed to determine whether butterflies could release any gas at all, never learned the truth has he never found any butterflies to test his machine on. Thus, the flatulence of butterflies remains an unsolved mystery...

You can go around asking random people this question. Maybe you'll find out the true answer, and become a god. However, before dedicating your life to endlessly researching this topic, like so many great people before you, be aware that not everyone will share your desire to learn the answer to this question. You may get some very strange looks. You may get beaten up by cheerleaders monkeys football players wombats. And most likely, you will never have a girlfriend. But just remember... it's all worth it.

Note: Be careful when asking teachers this question, because many will yell at you for saying the word "fart". They're just mad because they're not allowed to say it in school.

Philosophical Value[edit | edit source]

Answering this ultimate question will be the greatest moment of human accomplishment, ever. Nothing else in the universe would even match the presiding moment. Well, maybe sandwiches. But still.

The person who answers this will be the most famous and important person in history, even greater than Elvis and Jack Michaelson. Aliens watching from different galaxies will be in uproar because we beat them to that answer. It will be the greatest thing ever! Hopefully no one forgets the cake.

More than likely, all religions will be abolished and the discovering scientist will be declared head of the universe, and silly things such as metaphysics will no longer matter because we know butterflies can (or can't) fart. Civilization will meld into a butterfly-crazed state and those people who pinned up butterflies in a glass box will finally have a purpose in life.

In other words, everything will be awesome.