Floor Bread

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“To think that such a woeful premise could have been deterred by a most peculiar tropical fruit...”

~ Financial restrictions may apply.

Floor bread is the fraudulent mischaracterization of the esteemed Hello Kitty franchise through esoterically derived means, which includes but is not limited to the following: tickling a pig's snout in search of protein supplements, air-frying an entire colony of ants, relinquishing your pancreas to summon Ralph Spreadsheet, attempting airborne manducation to impress Frank Zappa's collegiate contortionists, and imbibing your sjink with fnurdle. Irregardless of the disregard for regarded material regarding the regardless outcome of regard, floor bread bears no distinct presence within the functioning, waking world of coagulated press material, but instead opts for malfeasant diatribes borne out of the depths of an elderly cockadoodle with nothing left of its dignity.