Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty is a cat who somehow didn't get into the meme buisness (the only buisness cats can get in) and thus resorted to standing around and looking cute. She has over 9000 friends and is a literal pussy. She hails from Japan, and spent her childhood eating sushi and pocky. But one day, she got bored of Japan so she decided to travel around the world. So she decided to go to nearby South Korea, but she took a wrong turn and ended up in North Korea, where she was kidnapped by Kim Jong-un. It was there that she lost one of her nine lives. However, she escaped. Then she went to Spain to see the upside down rain and got mad because cats hate water. Then she went to America to be free and make business deals with McDonalds to sell toys in her likeness but then she found out that all Americans are helpless slobs. So she decided to stay in Japan and eat pocky, even though pocky has chocolate in it, and cats can't eat chocolate.

Hello Kitty was later found dead in her residence. She had fallen on hard times and the pocky-only diet killed her. The cause of death was malnutrition.