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Fluff is the single fluffiest material in existence. Some cheese is rumored to be covered in it, and of this, carrots approve strongly, denying the help of the meese mat food, made of wood. Under the hood, this is understood, trice within the flood of stuffings that puff puffings. "Hehehe", the help said; "now I can run into thee! He he heee!" And the help helped itself, rendering it somewhat useful to one degree Celsius.

A lot of disinformation regarding the true nature of cheese has been promulgated, including any and all claims that cheese is fluffy. This is the opposite of the truth! Cheese may however be covered in fluff, because cheese eats fluff! Cheese is a terrible devourer of the righteous!

But those who spread this disinformation are usually not even aware that it is disinformation – usually, they are simply unknowingly used by cheesy forces to do their bidding. But there are exceptions...

A supposedly sinisterly fluffy, but in reality rather unfluffy mumble is heard...[edit | edit source]

May nose be fluff, and fluff be nose; carrots be upon thy cheese!
It all points to something very sinister indeed...

Stay Fluffy[edit | edit source]

When fluff gets on things, those things adopt a state known as fluffiness. Cheese, carrots and bananas are all foodstuffs that have been known to become fluffy and collectively when fluffed become part of the fluffle. Members of the fluffle are known to encourage each other to "Stay Fluffy".

Gingerly beckoning the pineapple infested frog[edit | edit source]

“Ecce homo, ergo elk (Behold man, therefore elk.)”

~ GAVIN MILLARRRRRRRRRR on fluff and other things unrelated to cheese

It's been nigh on 10 years since this divinely inspired effort, to bring fluff to the people irregardless and dystangetial to cheese, was begun by the Divine Fluffalizer. To the unconvinced, I say, "Ecce gwipshon, ergo fluff"".

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