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“My gosh, it's a meese!”

~ André Breton on the Meese
Did you know...

Meese is also the plural form of Moose in some countries...mostly the Czech Republic and Canada, eh?

The main component of moosebricks, Meese are useful for making carrot juice to power Rwandan plasma cannons and for using as slave labour.

Easily recognisable due to their resemblance to a flat snail, Meese very nearly became extinct due to the Great Meese Hunt of 1971 when the president of Rwanda built 200 new plasma cannons and sent out his entire army to hunt meese. Ironically, Brad Pitt drowned during the process of transforming the meese into carrot juice.

If you should ever stumble upon a meese (which is very unlikely since they are almost extinct) you should be extremely cautious of their great knowledge of extreme sarcasm. Their closest relative being the feared grue should give you somewhat of an idea of just how dangerous a meese can be.

Meese have been known to randomly attack large settlements of people, namely cities such as Quebec or Toronto. when sighted, an attempt to appear larger than the meese will always fail, resulting in almost certain death. DO NOT AGGRAVATE! Meese calls have been known to send them into a frenzy, often resulting in the death of the callee.