Forgotten Realms

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It's that one place... you know, the place, where you met that one guy...

Damn, I can't remember.

Therefore, instead of remembering what the Forgotten Realms are, I shall unforget it. Remembering and unforgetting are totally different.

The Forgotten Realms, primarily, are one of approximately 0.03 things on Illogicopedia that do not, I repeat, do not have anything to do with cheese in any way, shape, or form. Found behind my washing machine, it is the birthplace of the Evil Robot Clones and the main dining room for Them.

Accessing the Forgotten Realms requires a chicken, four pounds of spinach, a tiny figurine of Frederick Jackson Turner, something else, and six ounces of plutonium. First, you pay the Eternal Gatekeeper a toll to pass through the Gates of Mystery, then eat the chicken. Throw away the spinach because it has gone bad, and then stop fooling around and get back to work, you insufferable twit.