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Hello. I have been writing to your beneficial paper for two years now and since issue no.379, entitled: "the trouble with bricks", My subscription has been candled. Can you send me via a Bethlehem donkey, a letter enclosed with due reason and a signature from yours truly?--Fnewsig1.jpgFnewsig2.jpg 16:35, 10 Farbleum 2011 (UTC)

We cannot answer that until you submit three forms of ID and a large yak as compensation for the trouble. ~ Pointy.png 17:40, 11 Farbleum 2011
Scalawags need not apply. Reince Priebus would have my balls. Not very disGruntled - Exchange ideas 02:43, 12 Farbleum 2011 (UTC)

Dear Mr Flingers[edit source]

We at the National Beneficiary Paper Association have reviewed your application and have unfortunately on this occasion decided to decline your offer of free syrup in exchange for said items (one Bethlehem Donkey). Please accept this signed photograph of Jim Davidson as our apology, otherwise we're sending round the constabulary. Yours sincerely, Gerry Yack Esq. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 18:52, 8 Arche 2011 (UTC)