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I fixed Dan (and no, I don't mean Hindleyite)'s request on Forum:How do I make the featured image section on petaQ'a'pedia work properly? The images include stuff from Nerd42 and Another n00b. Now if only admins would temporarily unprotect Illogicopedia:Forum so Dan could add a link to Forum:Klingon Corner to the page? My Name Is Kırby/My Name Is Earl - herp-derp I did <insert name here>'s mom! 05:46, 3 Ditzimber 2011 (UTC)

P.S., Sigexpand/sighidden code isn't working. Just so ja know, admins.

The sigexpand thing was probably just because sometimes the servers forget what to do with the system messages. Try refreshing your browser cache. As for one of the other things, protection changed. Don't break anything or my cat will eat the entire forum AND THEN WHAT'LL WE DO, HMM? ~ Pointy.png 09:16, 3 Ditzimber 2011
Thanks for the featured image thingy, Kirb! You win free gagh! Also, I've changed the forum, adding Klingon Corner under "House of Estupida" unless you have a better (existing) position for it. ~[ths] Keeper of the Bloodwine My Farticles. Qaplá'! Are you bigger than cheeses? Writer of the Month October 2011 16:06, 12/03/2011