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Dan the Hedgehog archives

Hold your horses! It's the Illogicopedian Times![edit source]

11th Edition
Banana green.png
Banana green.png
Rebelling from Wikia in the worst kind of way.
Tuesday, Ditzember 27, 2011
The Illogicopedian Times is, in mathematical terms, the square root of the hippopotumus when divided by pi and raised to the power of your mom. This will have mathematicians baffled for the rest of the year, which, coincidentally, isn't very long.
Happy New Years
Happy New Years

As we end 2011, let's look back on the dumb things that happened during the old year:

Needless to say, however, after 01/01/2012, the "new year" will quickly become the old year, and then we'll be waiting for 12/31/2012. It's just a neverending cycle... or is it?

I'm sexy and I know it.
By Sexy

And you're ugly.

Let's make average babies.

Oh damn.
Oh damn.

We are facing the IllogiPocalypse.

This is an apocalypse of Illogicopedia.

You see, our wiki is slowly but surely slowing down to obscurity. And the only editors who are still visiting it are Dan the Hedgehog and I.

Our forum isn't visited enough, neither is VFH, VFI, AotM or even IotM.

And look at this: Dan and I are the only ones who even bothered to write an IllogiTimes since October of this year.

And this will slowly degrade until we are barely noticed at all, even behind

And then, on December 21, 2012, our website will disappear from all history.


Please, we must save our website.

Cool story bro.

Please, everybody completely disregard what my friend Kirby up there said. He's just one pile of **** after another. Thank you.

~[ths] Keeper of the Bloodwine My Farticles. Qaplá'! Are you bigger than cheeses? Writer of the Month October 2011 23:01, 12/27/2011

Archived[edit source]

Because I felt like it. ~[ths] Keeper of the Bloodwine My Farticles. Qaplá'! Are you bigger than cheeses? Writer of the Month October 2011 01:03, 12/28/2011

The Big Brrother Hoose is now open![edit source]

The time has come! Get in the Hoose, unpack your suitcase and start appealing to Illogicopedian public... or else you may find your complimentary welcome dinner being fed to the stray cat in the garden.--Ben Blade 13:45, 1 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)

Now with free cheese wizzy! It's the Illogicopedian Times![edit source]

12th Edition
Banana green.png
Banana green.png
Formerly known as "Jerks Without Borders"
Thursday, Jeremy 26, 2012
The Illogicopedian Times is... er... I don't know. Seriously! I don't! But I do know that a lot of people suggest that you read Playboy instead because it's funnier. Whatever. Why am I still typing here?
Big Brother 2012
Big Brother 2012

It is nearing the close of Jeremy 2012, and also nearing the close of Big Brrother, Illogicopedia's game show that is actually a revival of another Illogicopedia game show from 2008.

In week 2, as Island Monkey and Another n00b got the boot, now it comes down to the final three contestants: Dan the Hedgehog, Colonel Sanders and Athyria. Who will win and join the house of Big Brother... permanently?

See the action here.

Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite user to WIN.

Illogic Times to be Published Monthly

Since The Bard and everybody else abandoned it and Kırby and I are the only ones editing it anymore, it is my decree that the Illogicopedian Times shall be published monthly!

Basically, the only reason I'm making this announcement is to tell you all to WRITE SOME FRIKKIN' STORIES!!!

Recent Threads
By the forum guys

Baby New Year???

Happy New Year 2012 everybody! You know those posters with the "baby new year" and the old year is an old bearded man? Well, I think those posters are very morbid. I mean, think about it:

Congratulations for the new year! Think of this year as a newborn baby who will be dead in a year's time.

~See what I mean?

Just something I put in here to fill up space

VFF! VFI! IotM! AotM! ICA!

~Runner-Up Keeper of the Bloodwine Dan the Hedgehog.png Forum logo banana.png Eclipse.PNG BANANA BATLETH.png 00:53, 01/27/2012

Well done for finishing second, Mr. President![edit source]

Congratulations!! You are the runner-up of Big Brrother 2012 and won the 'President of the House' task! You may not be the champion, but second is in no means a bad position, and you were probably the most active user in the Hoose.

I'll get back to ya on the 'other half of Big Brrother' thing before it returns in July. Cheers. - BIG BROTHER's slave,--Ben Blade 23:28, 29 Jeremy 2012 (UTC)

Thank you very much for letting me participate-- I'm just glad I got this far! I have changed my sig accordingly. ~Runner-Up Keeper of the Bloodwine Dan the Hedgehog.png Forum logo banana.png Eclipse.PNG BANANA BATLETH.png 00:39, 01/30/2012

A very large pie[edit source]

I'll give you a very large pie if you make another ?pedia times. Or make there be one in general, nevermind the means. It probably won't even be a cow pie. -— Athyria User talk:AthyriaUser talk:AthyriaUser talk:Athyria 16:34, 7 Jumbly 2013 (UTC)

My names dan as well![edit source]

Well... yeah. Just please answer.DAN (BLAH) 22:53, 9 Serpeniver 2017 (UTC)