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Welcome, stranger, to the League of Administrators. In bygone times, this area was restricted to Werewolves only but these days it's open to all and sundry. This means that you can take a peek at what the administrators are discussing over a cup of tea and fig rolls or simply pose a question of them. Just don't ask for Penguin biscuits, they're mine.

Stickied threadsLast EditLast Author
So how did you find Illogicopedia?13:19, 1 Novelniver 2022Bamsemums
Illogicopedian of the Month01:44, 24 Arply 2021BSOD
Let's get this show back on the road.22:06, 15 Jeremy 2019Hindleyite
Illogicopedia is now on Twitter14:57, 24 Jumbly 2017Athyria
Illogicopedian's Choice Awards03:33, 21 Farbleum 2013Awesomedecks

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TopicLast EditLast Author
Vandalpedia archiving13:15, 10 Jeremy 2019Hindleyite
Somebody keeps moving my chair09:28, 15 Ergust 2017Flyingcat
Louis LOL, part 200:31, 20 Jumbly 2017Gruntled
New Project18:40, 24 Aym 2017Sophia
I have a proposal for you all00:41, 24 Aym 2017Sophia
LOL, it's a new user01:52, 11 Arply 2017Lol
On the banning of Luis LOL10:19, 4 Arply 2017Gruntled
The moral and ethical quandary of Bangladesh-Bistro22:00, 20 Arche 2017XY007
Proposal to delete Black Lives Matter17:50, 11 Jeremy 2017Gruntled
Request for a Finnish Illogia18:19, 4 Jumbly 2016RTXD
Uhh... this is awkward.16:15, 24 Jeremy 2016Sophia
October winner of IOTM04:24, 6 Novelniver 2015XY007
Challenge of the Moose00:13, 26 Octodest 2015Gruntled
The tale of the butt lobster and the moose03:07, 28 Serpeniver 2015Gruntled
Fail the Cheese!02:40, 11 Serpeniver 2015Gruntled
Dont like13:23, 20 Ergust 2015Gruntled
Moving servers AGAIN!?01:47, 9 Octodest 2014Fonchezzz
I'm sorry.12:58, 4 Yoon 2014Flyingcat
Suggest that Have you ever noticed how when your tired, you think like you're tripping? be removed from VFF02:40, 13 Aym 2014Gruntled
?pedian of the month: lets do this12:40, 4 Arche 2014Gruntled
Featured article: lets do this11:41, 12 Farbleum 2014Mars Cadbury
Putting Mauritania on the front page11:31, 4 Farbleum 2014Mars Cadbury
Is it time to rotate the front page feature?03:28, 31 Jeremy 2014Gruntled
Chicken Shit15:59, 28 Ditzimber 2013Gruntled
Uncyclo-cruft17:10, 1 Ergust 2013Kate

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