Gaggle of Raptors, or Rabbit Rape

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A flimsy cover operation for Darwinism?

In a world where rabbits rape cats [1], and gay pets certainly do not go to Heaven, it is often difficult to understand the Satanic machinations that work under the surface of everyday life. Demons lurking, plotting, undermining our good and decent Christian efforts to stop baby murders. It makes me want to spit!

Clean-living, upright and moral people such as me and mine are surely appalled by such evil as makes itself manifest among the righteous, and seek to capitalize on our rabid humor to educate and inform goodly folk about such unlikely-sounding threats as RABBIT RAPE!!!

In the words of the sanest man alive today, Stephenson Billings of,

"Inevitably, the rabbit uses rape as a way to inform its pika masters that it is the superior pet choice. Because these sorts of creatures lack a moral conscience, they know not what they do. They have no self-control and will even pursue fornication in same-sex encounters that cross the species line. They do not understand that their acts are detestable and violate God’s will. As we view these rapes, they are important reminders of the cruelty and immorality that forms the basis of the animal world."

Clearly these "aisha masters" need to turn the tables on the beasts, by raping the rabbits. Then we'll see what's what.

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