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Do NOT mess with Geocities.

Contains an archive of duct tape structures of both hemispheres and a quadrant. Lollygagging is strongly encouraged, as is laziness, foul language, martyrdom (we don't like it when they take others with them, however) and a lax dim view of the expression, "giant duct tape goose". When we molt (lions don't molt... no but penguins do!), we steal from others material without regard for color or creed.

The cops showed up at the last minute, of course. All this falderall over nothing and nobody. When the Pope federalized the caldera, previous assumptions were defenestrated. For the good of all, presume accession to heaven with the prize in the box. Dig down deep for it, of all things it may result in Manchurian swallowing.


OK, so this was originally on Hindleys Using Page, a sophisticated device for saturation of time-space continuums with garlic butter. When ham and bacon are on sale, everybody shows up for a spontaneous St.Pudge Day inebriation.

Ham is for supper today. Again, leftover ham with glaze, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. It's a cleansing ritual of Jello Biafra and integrated circuits.