Hey Mr. Taliban, please hand over Bin Laden

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'Hey Mr. Taliban, please hand over Bin Laden' is a song released by the American Government from their fresh new album 'Please Terrorists, Let's just call it a day - it's starting to get sad now'. The record was produced by Al Gore, who features in the video flushing the head of a terrorist down the bog, not because he was planning to kill us all in Jihad, but because the chap had been showing discord for the environment.

The song shot straight to number 1 in the American charts, though skeptics believe this is mainly because the same vote counting method applied during the last Presidential election was used to count the record sales. Only I actually bought the record.

“To all you Islamic terrorists out there, I plead my case simply with two strong words: 'Caaam onnn.'”

“Well, he's got us there. The game's up lads.”

~ Obama Sin Xardenrith MCXXVIII|Bin Laden

Chart positions[edit]

  • US Modern Rock tracks: #108 (1 week on chart)
  • The Iraqi Top Ten: #23 (3 weeks on chart)
  • Bin Laden's Desert Island Disc chartz: #1 (100 weeks on chart)

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