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Oh no! Not Dumbledore!

Bill is talking on the phone with his friend Bob, this is Bill's side of the conversation.

What? Are you serious? No that can't be. He can't have swine flu! Not Dumbledore!

Are you sure? Where did you hear this? What? The television? No! That means it must be true because news channels never lie!!!

Wait. What channel did you watch? Ah no! Not Fox News, they always give the straight, un edited, un americanized product!

How will the world go on? We need Dumbledore!

Without him, pandas will roam the skies, untamed. Youtube will turn into a place where little children post videos of themselves playing Halo. Halo 3!!!!

Without that bearded old fool, there will be no one to stop Micheal Bay from making another movie!!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!!!!)(!)....(!!!)

So. Is he gonna' die? I saw the picture, so yeah, I think he's gonna' die.

What? They're closing down Hogwarts too? Now there's that New York school and the big castle place? (???) (?)

Oh wait, he was dead anyway. Book 6. Ok, guys, back to class.

And that concludes today's episode of I'm Listening In On Your Conversation!!