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Bunny shark
It's the Bunny Shark Yo.
Conservation Status
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Ichthys
Order Swimmy things
Family Beagles
Genus Meteors
Species C. Sharky-thingy
Weight 1.5 - 450 kg. (avg)
Length 0.5 - 170 meters
Binomial Name
Cute Sharky-thingy

Seriously, It's Real. Some people don't believe that there is a shark that looks and acts like a bunny. I know it is true. Some people don't believe that this shark thing has a lower jaw that is made of teeth and is shaped like a circle and extends quickly for attacking its prey. I know it is true. I have in fact seen this creature. It is owned by a guy named Hgsat. He's just some dude.


Anyway, his shark likes to eat these floating carrot things that grow only in water that is pink. Since these carrots become lite red in the water, it makes them incredibly hard to find. This shark is a record breaking size of 321123 deciliters. It has this jaw that hangs down all retarded like, and is made out of nothing but teeth. This shark has no gums to hold its teeth in, even though it likes to chew gum. It likes septuplemint gum. Septuple your pleasure!!

Anyway, when this shark sees a carrot floating in the water, it will snap its jaw out at the veggie. The problem with this is that the many teeth shred the food into such little pieces the shark cannot eat it and therefore it starves to death really quickly after birth.

Economic Value[edit]

It has a red underbelly which holds absolutely nothing of value. It is not hunted for its blubber and sucks because it likes baby seals. Many attempts have been tried as using this shark as a means of transportation, but none of them have worked out very well since this shark smells like shark. People don’t like sharks or the smell of shark so they kill them.

Life Cycle[edit]

This animal has nothing but predators because it cannot hurt a damn thing. It does not breathe air or water, but a combination of radioactive orange slime and purple donkey turds, both of which sink to the bottom of the ocean so this shark must spend its entire life with its head stuck in the ground to get these valuable nutrients. The problem with this is that it cannot move when its head is stuck in the ground so it cannot move the slime and turds into its gills so it suffocates to death upon birth. And apart from not being able to eat a damn thing, this shark has a problem surviving in the wild.

And also in the jungle. And on the treetops of the savanna crescent dyke. The shark does not have to screw another shark to produce. The instant it is born in to this world it gives birth to another shark of equal size. Don’t ask how this is done cause no one has witnessed it happen ever. In fact I think it’s a myth.

Related Species[edit]

On the treetops of the savanna crescent dyke lives its close cousin, the poopindingle. The poopindingle also has a jaw that does that weird crap, so everyone killed it cause it looked absolutely stupid. There are no more of these. They became extinct before they multiplied to eat rubberized donkey livers. So both of these creatures suck. But I hate things that eat pink carrots. I ate a pink carrot once and it turned me into a poopindingle. Therefore I died.