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Glenn approves this message!
This article has been nominated for the Worst Article Ever! title.
This is not a good thing, however it is not VFD, either. Feel free to vote for it or nominate your own least favourite articles on the project page, if you can be bothered. Or don't.

Welcome. Here we vote for worst article ever. What that means is entirely up to you. If you hate it, however, it's probably a good candidate. Or if it's just bad. Or if... er... nevermind, probably shouldn't mention that here, naw. But you get the idea.


Feel free to nominate as many as you feel like, so long as they are bad. Please remember to place the {{Worst Article Ever Candidate}} template on the pages; this will mark them as nominees as well as add them to the relevant category so they may be found later and laughed at by confused passerby.


  • Two-three votes per user. (We're not sure which. Chances are, we never will be.)
  • Remember to update the score when you vote.
  • Votes are limited to registered users; any failure to comply will result in a dour man with a truck full of old refrigerators showing up at your door asking where you want the delivery.
  • Vote for whichever article you think is the worst.

The previous winner was IllogiNews:Boys only want love if it's torture, and the one before that was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Let's get back to it and vote on some bad articles!

WAE is back just in time for the holidays Chrismas ChrisTmas! (sorry, Little Billy!)

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