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“This was t'Vanity, but now it's just mildly annoying”

~ an Illogicopedian on this article

Josh Reynolds:This is most likely the last thing you'll ever see

Josh Reynolds - The guy that keeps murdering people and releasing their CCTV recorded deaths under the guise of horror movies; He's a great guy really[edit]

Josh Reynolds is the son of a dyslexic man that really wanted to name his son after the Renault car company but failed spectacularly and thus created a permanently mentally scarred wreck.

Josh's earlier years (i.e. before he became a sumo-sydo-massachist with So Du Ko tendancies)[edit]

Josh can be found at bus stops picking his nose and remarking the complex ethics of a culteral diversity in England, despite being a heavily biased pin cushion supremasist. He was famed for starting the brief fad of wearing long white robes that many racists copied in a vain effort to obtain his coolness. Of course he wasn't best pleased when he saw what people were using his new fashion for (well, actually he didn't see what people were using his new fashion for, owing to his blindness; his close friend Dave gave him the general idea of what his clothes were commonly associated with during a high tempo game of tiddlywinks).

Sidetracked strikes again![edit]

Hitching up his skirt, Josh ran out of his house to fight the evils in society. Sadly a wall stood in his way, which Josh collided head first into at a tremendous speed. Breaking every bone in his body (well all of them except one were broken in the collision; the other bone felt left out and snapped in oreder to fit in - tut tut). As Josh recovered in hospital he noticed that he was in fact dead, and had been reincarnated as a tic. Whiling away his time as a tic biting people as they reached the punch lines of jokes - often leading to that person's humiliation and permanent exclusion from society the group, Josh remembered his mission.

The rest, meh...[edit]

Pulling up his tic tutu and folding up his tic teepee he hopped towards the government, using only the nicest smelling citizens as transport. Panting and covered in a bead of sweat (which nearly drowned him seeing as a bead of sweat is probably bigger than a tic) he hired some ants to help him write his plan for world peace and the only way to run a perfect society. Unluckily George Bush happend to come in the room and touch the paper - nullifying it's credibility. Screaming in rage Josh heroicly bit the shirt out of Dubya before returning home and adding even more categories to Testostereich's user page. Then he went on a longwinded and mediocre killing spree with vast emotional consequences etc etc.