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Perhaps you were looking for the 45th Führer of the United Reich of America?

The Ku Klux Klan (also known as the Kaptain Krunch Krew) is a socialist party devoted to the radical extremist pro-gay views. Infact, it is widely known that the founding fathers of this cult were extremely gay. They are also very racist. The average IQ of a member of the KKK is thought to be somewhere between 18-25. The reason for this is most likely because of their retarded inbred family line. However, some manage to have an IQ of 26.

The beginning[edit | edit source]

After having sex with his flat-chested, deformed, half-black sister, he, J. Calvin Jones, saw that having sex with his sister was fun. But later on, after a couple of years of buttraping with his nigger sister, he realized that incest was wrong, so he decided to dump his sister, and moved in with a white woman. Because of this, he later adopted the belief that black women are nothing but trouble, and trouble is what trouble does.... or something like that. So anyways, what contributed to this belief was that he was sexually abused at the hands of his father as a child, and had developed a lust for his sister. So anyways, one night in a moonshine and cocaine induced drunken rage, he raped his sister. His sister enjoyed the rape, because she was severely mentally retarded, as she was a product of 14 generations of incestuous interbreeding and was in a wheelchair. He kept repeatedly raping his sister while shouting "WHITE POWDER!", which was referring to cocaine, but later turned into white power, instead, because he hated his sister, because she didn't scream while he buttfucked her. The reason why he got the notion for why incest was wrong, was because he realized that his father had done the same thing to him. He became ashamed of himself, and then moved on to working a job as a railroad constructor, and moved in with a white woman. But one day when he was working on the railroad, he fell down on the track, and a train was coming, but he couldn't get up, because as he tried to get up, his foot got stuck underneath a crosstie, and he fell down flat on his face. The train kept coming, and then he realized he was fucked, but the train stopped, but not soon enough, because it hit him in the head, making him fully retarded, just like his half-black sister. The man who hit him in the head with the train, John. B Kennedy, got out the train, and then called the ambulance, who then put him on the stretcher, and lifted him in the truck for a visit to the hospital. But as they were in the hospital, one doctor pushed him in the gurney outside of a 3 story window, and he fell flat on his face, crushing his skull on the concrete. The doctor, James R. Crowe, was later arrested, but released as he left a plea bargain. He and Calvin later became butt buddies, and he broke up with his wife, and so did Kennedy, just so they came make up. It is said that he had contracted homosexuality from the horrible brain injuries, but some reports say he was already gay before that, so this is irrelevant. Later on he went to the gay bar and met up with Frank O. McCord, John C. Lester, and Richard R. Reed. They also became gay butt buddies, and they had massive gay poopy orgies together. He later insisted that they form a cult, called the Ku Klux Klan. The reason why he thought up this idea, was because after studying the bible, he read through passages about slavery, and interpreted it as being for it, so he adopted these beliefs and enforced them on innocent blacks. They later became a mafia, and they started selling children into prostitution, and selling redneck version Hentai doujins.

Association with the Mafia[edit | edit source]

Later on, as the cult became widely known, they became a mob, and they began to start doing Mafia things, like mugging black people, and selling children, and other bad things. But they never came into trouble with the law at the time, as they were law abiding citizens, because the law (at the time) did not prohibit violence against blacks. But however they did commit small misdemeanors, such as murder, kidnapping, and stuff, but no serious crimes. But as they were members of the mafia, they were living in the streets of Compton (at the time), and they were dealing with lots of gangsters living on the streets, and they capped any fool that was against the confederacy or the KKK.

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