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The obvious result of racism.


~ Oscar Wilde on ballsacks

“Burn all the minorities!! Skin the race traitors!!”

~ George Bush on racism

Racism is the belief that people ought to participate in racing sports, such as running.

A brief history of racism

Things started to go wrong in the world of racing sports when black people started to win all the running races due to being way faster than everybody else. This pissed off everybody else and thus the modern meaning of racism was born.

Racism has been around for over 500,000 years, the first case of which was when that football commentator said the '¬' word on the telly. This caused international outrage and he was quickly hanged, before being fired and having his salary reduced.

"Black" "Really Winthorpe?"

Since then there have been over 1 recorded cases of racism around the world. The most well known racism organisations are the KKK, the BNP, NAMbLA, The Black Panthers, Oxfam, Will Ferrel, the NBA, the NFL, the UFC, the ABC, the BBC, the KGB, the Audi TT, the STD, the NBA again, the Oscars and the cast of Snakes on a Plane. Avoid these people at all cost, as they hate you. Unless your the same colour as them. Then they like you. Sometimes.

The most famous racist ever was Hitler. Or Laa-Laa from the Teletubbies, who was an extreme white supreme racist. Both these people were stabbed for being racist, and then jailed, before being shot and then sued.


Adam was the winner of the first human racism. Eve was the first winner of human sexism. In short, the Bible is highly offensive and must be banned right now before it corrupts the minds of more people. It is feared, however, that it is too late.

Famous racists

  • Snoopy
  • Carl Carlson
  • Martin Luther king
  • France

A brief summary of racism

As long as you're a human, chances are someone hates you for some weird reason. Woo! Humanity!