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lowercase. i love writing in lowercase. it is so fun, like my life. my life is so fun. yeah, except for the last 36 years, for what i've been alive. yeah, i am suffering from depression, autism, adhd, add, subtract, multiply, divide and much, much more. anyway, i am a lazy prick who spends his time sitting in front of his computer screen. like anybody cares. i am a discord moderator and i haven't showered in 2 years already, but not showering is a new way of hygiene that i have invented. basically, it works like this: you don't take a shower and you don't care. about that. but nobody cares about me, so i called that "real life hygiene". anyway, back to the topic.

why is writing in lowercase so fun[edit | edit source]

  • because it just looks right and fun
  • you don't have to press the shift button. i hate the shift button. yucky ugly arrow. the graphics designer did a much better job at the real arrow keys. shift is just a copycat.
  • why is it not?
  • capitalization reminds me of books. i hate books because they have no funny memes like big chungus. haha big chungus. hahaha.