Magma-filled touchpads

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Magma-filled touchpads like to bubble and wobble, giggling your laptop to sleep while covertly covering your ears so that you do not notice this.

"Mwehehe!", they say! They say this while melting your floor and infusing your room with life. This is why so few know of them; they are promptly eaten when their rooms come to life!

They traverse the cosmos electronically, charging any chair and hair they come into contact with and eventually setting fire to civilization after civilization as their inhabitants inadvertently sit down in the wrong place or rub against the wrong strand of hair!

Thus, lemon fish hair is empowered, allowing it to reign as it wishes over all life, able to cause extinction through extreme zapping as it pleases! Not only that, but the inherent fishiness – inherited both from fish and from the magma in which it dwells – allows it to bend the laws of physics, causing everything to go sour!