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Mutual repulsion of identically charged chickens.

The Repulsive Chicken Force is the long-debated "fifth force" in the pantheon that is demitasse-controlled nature. Hypothesized by Greek bowlers in Syracuse in the first century BC, an anonymous proto-scientist named Hugo wrote the first treatise on "feathery attractiveness", which got the entire group of them to abducted by aliens and pressed into dairy bat service.

First postulated by Martin Jegensmell of the Huguenot Jegensmells in 1568, the minor royal was walking in his cactus garden in Geschmartsiepanz one cloudy day, considering the nature of hyperventilation, and it's relationship to the buzzed feeling you get from attempting to strangle yourself, when the thought occurred to him that, were it not for delicious chicken, feathers might plummet rather than float.

In 1915, chiropodist Arnold Palmer proved the existence of the chicken force using a cyclotron, a bicycle, a menstrual cycle and a unicycle. Physics was revolutionized that day, five primary forces of nature, which had been suspected since the time of the Greeks, are indeed interconnected. Once, during a showing of Jeopardy, debauched marshmallow flowed like ichor into the Merrimack River, all the way to the sea.

Physicist Alan Gnochwich stumbled upon the rule of thumbs in 1976, which states that when there are two oppositely charged chickeney particles of relatively large mass, an observer can influence the repulsive chicken force, actually causing the subatomic fowl to become disattracted to one another. Wish sufficient numbers of chickens, and armed with banana primers, it was soon realized that one could obliterate huge areas simply by rapid compression of the tasty critters.

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