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“Life is effort, and I'll stop when I die!”

~ Jerry on Rick and Morty, Raising Gazoprpazorp, Season 1 Episode 8

PornMD is a very mysterious internet phenomenon. It's a real-time feed of searches being done on PornHub and it's associated sites. According to an article I read, many searches would be considered run of the mill by even the casual porn consumer. However, there are some so insane, so funny, that even a dude like me with zero interest in porn has to take note. The search I am building up to is as follows:

Marco polo Strap on fight Cock flash Dildo race Eunuch sex Pets quarters of women Enthusiasm fail Mormon garments Ocarina What's app Ass smell Crying please stop Jerk off encouragement Eyebrow shave compilation Pussy in ant hill Nunsploitation Hypno-brainwash Anal garden Triple vagina Sock worship


~ Donald Trump on pretty much anything

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