Metempsychotic Solipsism

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Everything is a part of the greater whole. Therefore, every exit is Exit 3.

Metempsychotic Solipsism is a really cool phrase you can drop during a faculty function at a liberal arts college or if you're smoking some really good dank with a bunch or theology students. Some dude was discussing it with his daughter, who is considering a degree in theology.

Rather than boar you, dear reader, with a rehash of what I learned about metempsychotic solipsism, I shall endeavor to pursue a course based in that alternative universe we share by virtue of being here and now ?pediac. Irregardless[1] of rug pattern or random distribution of hardwood tongue and grooves, we all of us must grapple with mortality. But with Metempsychotic Solipsism your own death leads straight to your birth, as everyone is you just at a different stage in your timeline.

Many are acquainted with reincarnation to some, or transmigration of the soul to others. Certain of us subscribe to an afterlife of some sort (there are quite a few sorts), and others simply deny the possibility of the survival of consciousness beyond the cessation of life... life... life...[2]

  1. I keep telling you irregardless is not a word!
  2. If you feel you must know, see Xavier: Renegade Angel on Cartoon Channels Adult Swim.

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