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Moon cheese is the kind of cheese the moon is made out of. It is typically green, though it may also be blue, yellow, pink, red, or even a whitish grey (very rare). In many cultures, blue moon cheese symbolises 'never', yellow symbolises 'harvest', pink 'cupcakes' and red 'love'. This was thought to originate from the different states in which the moon can be found, but then it was discovered that the moon is in fact occasionally blue and that cupcakes are not pink. The blue moon cheese is caused by volcanoes covering the moon which means it's not actually blue, it just has cupcakes in front of it. These results have forced some cultures to reconsider their traditions and possibly discard them in favour of recycled baby food.

...okay, probably not.

Wikipedia controversy[edit]

Wikipedia does not acknowledge the existence of moon cheese, particularly the green sort, due to its being 'unverifiable', in spite of the fact that moon cheese is easily verified by looking down the nose of a stethoscope. Moon cheese is also a reliable source, as it has been used to source numerous articles on diverse subjects all dealing with rock rabbits, but still there is no article on moon cheese because its reliability makes it smell too bad to be verifiable, and this works because Wikipedia admins are so used to smelling their own body odour[1] that they don't notice the smell of moon cheese even when the stethoscope rabbit comes and pokes them in their third eyes. They're also busy eating chakra bars while trying to review seventeen unblock requests at once. All this adds up to having no time, energy, patience or whatever to review an edit or eleventeen that inserts information about poopy-smelling moon thingies tying up their mums, so they just click the block link and move on to the next pile of stupid smelly people making pee edits to muffin articles. But then... comes yet another unblock request. It makes about as much sense as this article, but then anything does at this point. There's too much cheese. And then it's all over. The blue box is replaced by the orange one with the red clock saying you have to wait. The pink box is still there, laughing like an insane monkey, killing God's kittens.

The moon cheese waits, silently. It will be waiting for ever. The end will not come until the trees march on the White House. Do not tell them what to sing.

  1. Having no life isn't enough. They're not even allowed to shower or walk the dog, which is why it also smells like dog poo in their houses. Not that they could get up to do those things anyway, though.