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These are probably not mushrooms at all.

Mushrooms are a small invasive species of psychopathic aliens from the planet FOB. They are notorious for infecting creatures and for initiating events such as the Zombie apocalypse. Many of them take the form of small toadstools and fungi. They have not yet accepted other forms of fungi into their culture, despite many attempts to integrate them with species such as toadstools.

The mushroom-toadstool war[edit]

The mushrooms have developed a strong anti-toadstoolism towards the co-inhabitants of the Fobie wood. This lead to the 2004 toadstool massacre, where approximately 5000 toadstools and other fungi were brutally picked, shot, boiled and fed to each other. Since then, there has been a fierce war between the mushrooms (that have been blamed for the massacre) and the toadstools, that have retaliated harshly, using a combination of poisonous spores and herbicide. So far, neither side have gained complete dominance of the Fobie wood

Mushroom Culture[edit]

Mushroom culture is important in the places that are inhabited and revolve largely around becoming poisonous at critical points of preparation for serving. This has led to the speculation that suicidal aggression is common among mushrooms, however, it is merely a slight reaction to stress in fatal situations. Becoming poisonous is not necessarily always a precursor to becoming eaten, destroyed and so on; and so it is frequent that a mushroom is poisonous and still alive. These mushrooms are the elite warriors, as it is considered to be a mark of bravery and skill to have survived a situation that would have killed many lesser mushrooms.

the Ku Klutted Klan=[edit]

The Ku Klutted Klan was a race of giant humanoid mushrooms that undertook an attempted obliteration of all humans. Unfortunately, they were about as retarded as Neanderthal computer doctor (being untrained, stupid and dead), as they could only recognize people that were black, for reasons unknown (it is immensely improbable that they chose to attack these people, as these mushrooms could not see. This would lead to a procession of a flaming cross and a pile of blind, bumbling Michelin men that had pointy hats and accidently puncturing each other). Every mushroom in this Ku Klutted Klan eventually were poisoned by mayonnaise that was applied to the hats these fascinating mushroom tribe would wear, and so melted. The spores survived, but were mutated into tiny little midgets that tried to kill everyone again but were too small.

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