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“Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow.”

~ Frank Zappa on on going North
Karl Rove is a husk of his former self.

Northers believe in singing "Danny Boy" at the conclusion of boxing matches. They'd fill up a bag with gravel, and that's what you practiced punching in those days. Men were men, and sheep were nervous. Hippies are attracted to magnetic north. Many get illegal operations to remove this mutation to the thyroid. If you ever find yourself traveling north, look yourself over and ask yourself it you really aren't a hippie.

Reality shows point north during inclement weather. Four out of six women can fit north into their handbags. The Hubble telescope always points north. In the language of the Yahaha in the extreme middle upper Amazon, there is no word for north. They usually say, "that other way, that has no name." Pancakes will orient themselves northward when cooked with that extra love, like your mom makes.

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