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By postal tradition, Occupant is used as the form of address for all missives delivered to an occupying power or nation.

For instance, longstanding European usage dictated a letter simply addressed as:

Paris, France

to be one quickly and efficiently delivered to the top authorities in Berlin.

This usage dates back to the times of famed Ancient Geek philosopher Whom It Maye Concern, who even in that day opined that the imperialist conventions of military occupation were badly outmoded as that information yearns to be free. While a lettered and much-published contempory of Anonymous in this era, he was promptly ignored until the posthumous publication of his Memoirs of To Whom It May Concern centuries later.

Modern usage[edit | edit source]

Ever since the occupation began, unexplained truckloads of useless mail addressed to "Occupant" arrive daily.

Due to the current political situation in Iraq, International Telecommunications Union guidelines indicate that all mail addressed simply to Occupant worldwide is delivered directly to the Bush régime.

This has created an awkward problem, where more important issues like ensuring the smooth operation of Iraqi torture chambers, fabricating excuses as to why the famed weapons of mass destruction were never found and plundering Iraq of its oil reserves are forced to take a back seat to the issue of how to dig the White House out from under hundreds of megatonnes of flyers, catalogues, advertising and assorted postal rubbish which gets mailed to Occupant by organisations worldwide.

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