Omelette du fromage

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“That Monsieux Neuxveux is as soft as a lukewarm omelette.”

~ Señor Mal Élevé

“That Monsieux Neuxveux is such a chicken, I'm surprised he isn't filled with lukewarm butter.”

~ that one guy with the construction model

“Some people have no manners. And even less chicken butter.”

~ Señor Mal Élevé, attempting to be ironic

Ah, yes. Omelette du fromage, ideally consumed with kidney beans, baked beans, or my favourite variety, beans and beans. Generally beans are good for making ze beanburgers or bean loaf but in fact they taste just as good in omelettes. I would highly recommend you try them. Or not. I don't give a croissant either way.

What exactly do you do at the bean tasting factory?
...We taste the beans.
How interesting.
honk honk honk[1]

Ah, yes. Rap music, ideally consumed with a liberal amount of insults directed at all other parties involved.

Now we're talk-ing.

Oui oui, I got Bob Ross paint
Got so much sass I make a boss faint
No beret, had a hat, but I lost it
Guy's in the lighthouse, I think he's in the closet
Malchance couldn't rap if she tried to,
I'm thinking all that she could stutter is a haiku
My neighbour isn't tolerable as yet
The only bun I'm wanting from her is a baguette[2]
And I never can stand morning TV
The main host's girlfriend is too needy
As for the guy himself, I think he's depressed
He always smiles just to cover up his own stress
But still, the first one was an octopus
I think he tries too hard to be anonymous
Cause I can always tell when he's approaching
My PA was always terrible at coaching

Sacre bleu, these people are a waste of my time. Do you really expect me to mention vingt-quatre personnes en une chanson?

I'm going back to bed.

I'll give you fromage.

[everyone collapses]
  1. Beach Party A Go-Go was a terrible song, so enjoy the pleasant melodies of ma derrière.
  2. Or I could just steal the one from Fussy German Man. Sooner or later the shortsighted salesman approaches, somewhat unaware of the fact he is immersed in bread, before facing his terrifying toasty torment.

Tak, jestem absurdalnie wysoki mężczyzna o długich nogach, człowiek. Mam kapelusz powinieneś zobaczyć to miejsce z tutaj. Jestem niebieski i wierzę, że mogę latać.

Affrontorie[edit | edit source]

Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! En baguette! En baguette! En baguette! En baguette! Du fromage! Du fromage! Du fromage! Du fromage! Affrontage! Affrontage! Affrontage! Affrontage! Non il faut, cette faut fais-il! Il il il il il il il! En baguette, o... les cannes faits.

Ya ya ya. Ya ya. Som si celkom istý, že to nie je francúzština. Ne, není.

Sembla que he de dir alguna cosa aquí.

Ha ha ha! Possible du baguette! Dans quoi faits-il le des vrais?

Na, kažkas yra negerai. Ir aš turiu rasti kas tai yra.

Varbūt. Vai tas varētu būt nekas.

Mitte midagi! Mitte midagi! Mitte midagi!

As different languages shout in my head, I say 'Weasel' to my friend.

Poin soif! I will mention 32,000 people in one song.

La compotes du fruits? Arrh. De faits ? La guides de drogues de la vie. Vie? Vie fait bien-sur non?


I'll give you an answer. [honks gratuitously]

Bbotsee?[edit | edit source]

I am sorry, but I see nothing. No nothing. Satu, satu, dua, dua... Ogh. Can that, won't we? Eeble eeble. Haricots! Haricots! Haricots! Haricots! Fruit compotes! Fruit compotes! Fruit compotes! Aux Espagne! Aux Espagne! Aux Espagne! Aux Espagne! Monsignor! Monsignor! Monsignor! Monsignor! Dans Cinq Heures! Omelette, omelette, au baguette, au baguette, non non nonh! Tiga, tiga, empat, empat,... Orgh. What a cool Hindleyite text. Fetch meh the brain medicine... O ne, ne opet ... Twò anpil lang, mwen pa pral deranje ankò. Eeble? Bu sinir bozucu.

“A man walks into a bar. Flonk. It was an adamantium sheep.”

~ Fnorders

“How many pencils does it take to change a light bulb? Thirty-three. Seven to write an Illogicopedia article, fifteen to write a novel, and eleven to write flash fiction. You're silly. Pencils can't change light bulbs!”

~ Ppoh

Afraid not. Or should I say, a frayed knot?

Placken[edit | edit source]

Ils se n'ont pas?! Could je suis fit deux people into une chanson? Si... er Je mean OUi! Lima, lima, enam, enam... Get suis frayed mitts off la fromage omelette. Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! Omelette! Est la Vim et l'Enchanted Boomerang! Oui Oui Oui! Te dont, te dont a donc se c'est vous.