Come out

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Homosexuals performing cackling penance, prior to de-excommunication into the Holy Church.

Come out used to be something kids would say. Like, come out and play. My, times are a changin'. Now it not only the rallying cry of the homosexual agenda (with such mighty powers as to have sucked Ted Haggard, who's kinda hot, and therefore, desirable anyway... if you like that type). Ware those homos, ware! I know it's post-apocalyptic to think this, but I think it anyway. Sniglets.

And what's all this about so-called Bro-mances. That's not gay, right? Or is it? Is it another cog in the great machinery of gay world domination? Would that make the Catholics right about everything? This, my dear readers, is what really scares the shit out of me.

They say things about my hair behind my back, I know they do. Just because I can't afford some fancy coiffing doesn't make me a second class citizen. I wear 3D glasses ALL THE TIME.