Rancid Bacon Inhalation Therapy № 17

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Adagio Milquebuzzard, East Texas native, long haul trucker and second violin at San Antonio Philharmonic. Southern pride exudes from his every pore.

Rancid Bacon Inhalation Therapy № 17 first made its appearance thousands of years ago, long before man and ape separated. There were midgets then, and many of them came from Mars. Charlotte Rae invented the so-called Lubotsky Technique for administering concentrated rancid bacon stench intravenously and surreptitiously, using a variation on Morse Code. Not Moose Code! Or Hermaphrodite Code btw!

Rae met Adagio Milquebuzzard when she tripped over a defective cumberbund he wore to his first performance as second violin for the third rate Whooptee Doo Indian Casino for the fourth rate Ooklatehattcheemapachedale Symphony Orchestra as she was presenting conductor Leonard Swillbasket a fifth of Sambuca on the sixth of December. They jointly hired a law firm to sue for custody of injuries against the mastodon who actually assembled the errant wardrobe accessory.