The Worst Inventions of Mankind

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Yes, mankind has indulged itself in it's greatest feats. However, on the path of glory, some fall short, in fact many fall way short. These inventions go on the list of the worst inventions of all time.

The List[edit]

#9: Lima Beans. The worst food of all time.
#3: The Butterfly. Had a few too many drinks.
10. Red Lights - Nobody likes to stop after going over one hundred miles per hour (161 kph for Non-Americans) on a 55 mile per hour (88 kph for Non-Americans) road. Seriously, get rid of these and everyone will have more fun driving to work or the local butcher shop.
9. Lima Beans - They are, by far, the worst, most disgusting food of all time. They fill your mouth with a dry, powder-like taste, simulating dying of thirst in the Sahara. Though admittedly I like them a lot.
8. Shoelaces Without Little Plastic Tips - What kind of cheap shoe company would not put the little tips on their shoe laces? I mean they have at least 5,000 illegal Cuban immigrants working in their factories for very little money, so you think that they would be able to get little plastic things on their laces.
7. Dishwasher - They don't really clean your dishes, they just drive up your water bill and make you question yourself for buying it whenever you look at them. They also make that annoying "whhiirrrrr" noise.
6. White Briefs - Unlike colored briefs, they in fact do not blend in with your embarrassing feces stains.
5. Cat Clothing - Fact: Cats who wear cat clothing have shown signs of death, seizures, and strokes. And, because of the camouflage hat I bought for my cat, he had a liver failure and died.
4. Mr. Pibb - Why not just get Dr. Pepper? It tastes exactly the same. Most likely the most blatant ripoff of all time.
3. Butterflies - A pointless, stupid bugs that fly around in a drunk manner. They serve no purpose unless you collect them and pin them to something, in which case means you have no life.
2. Censorship - It really doesn't make sense; even when the item is censored you still know what it is. Or, if you censor text, all that is required is click 'n' drag, and you've got the message. It really has no point, unless it is a knife. Haha, geddit? Point? Knife? Nevermind.
1. George W. Bush - Seriously. Just think about it.

As technology advances, only more and more inventions could be made. In that case, that gives us even more possibilities to have inventions go on the list of worst inventions. Hopefully, however, we do not get any more.