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KVR Audio is a sane repository of random audio software database entries stringed together using a maniacally giggling string of hair. The true meaning of the acronym remains unknown, though many have tried to decipher its no doubt very ominous and sinister meaning. Whatever the meaning of so doing is, the sheer horror of discovering such a meaning no doubt having a mean impact meaning that it likely won't be worth it.

The community[edit]

KVR has a forum large enough to cover the surface of a clock hit with twits, and with many kinds of inhabitants. Software developers, mad computer scientists, mastering engineers, grumpy old programmers, moose-ickians, and moderation not to be meffed with, lest you be repelled using smell-based offensives - all are eventually molded into part of the sinister, fishy cult of the KVRists.

Many are the enlightened discussions about tarnce, the horrors of digital bass (however that's supposed to swim), proper digital analog warmth (not to be confused with analog digital cold) and many other remarkable things.

There is no escape. As the evil spirit of KVR gradually creeps into your very soul, irreversibly corrupting it, you can only read, spam and vote fish in polls.

But atleast, as has been concluded in a recent discussion, the spam really is safer than a spam.

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