The First Destination

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It was a dark, stormy night. Just like every other Halloween. Nine boys were riding bicycles. One boy was dying. That is of no importance. Nine boys were riding bicycles when suddenly... they were still riding bicycles. It was riding tricycles. But not quite.

And after riding their bicycles, they got off their bicycles....and walked up to the house. The dark house. With blinds. So people couldn't see in. The boy peered into the blinds. There seemed to be light, but he couldn't see because there were blinds. Or maybe it was because he had bad eyesight. In the night, you couldn't really tell. Or could you? You weren't in the story, so you probably couldn't.

Dark light crept through holes, because the door was sealed up. The boy in the white sheet tripped over his sheet, and fell onto the pavement. Suddenly it hit him. No, not the pavement. The epiphany. He had a vision.

"Guys! I had a vision! This house is a terrorist base and it's gonna blow up if we don't get ou-"

The house blew up.

Chapter 1: Amazingly Alive[edit | edit source]

Smoke arose. Dead bodies scattered the pathway, as Old Man Jenkins rocked in his chair. From the rubble, arose eight children. One had been speared by Old Man Jenkins' cane as it shot from across the road.

"OY KIDS DONT MAKE SO MUCH NOISE!" Old Man Jenkins shouted.

Fred was pissed. He threw a rock at the old man. It hit him. Blood spewed from him, flooding the pavement with a nice deep red. Like rouge.

Chapter 2: Something Happens[edit | edit source]

The children walked on to the next house, hoping that the French family who lived next there weren't terrorists as well. "Hey, does somebody have a phone? I want to call the police!" shouted George.

"Yeah, here ya go." replied Tom. The phone was a new model, the kind that actually made beeping noises and had buttons that didn't jam when you pressed them with your oversized fingers.

George placed the phone to his ear, and pressed some newfangled buttons. With his oversized fingers. Beeping noises ensued. After all, it was a new model. All of a sudden, there was an eerie silence. The silence was eerie.

Electricity flowed into George's head, and his eyeballs popped out, and began spewing blood, in such an obscure way. The other children laughed so hard that Jim stopped breathing halfway. He fell onto the hard pavement, littered in red.

Yeah. Pavement was hard. The laughter stopped. One of them had just died. The laughter continued.

Chapter 3: Ohhh.....crup[edit | edit source]

"Ohh...crup" shouted Connor.

He hauled Jim's body and dumped it in a garbage can.

"Now they'll never know!" he shouted, "MEHEHEHEHEHEHE!".

"Never know what???" replied an un-named child.

The other five kids ran away from him, leaving him alone with a broken down house covered in rubble, dead spew, and illegal cocaine.


Well, neither did we.

Chapter 4: Serious stuff[edit | edit source]

Connor was alone on a very red street. "Eh, it's not even Hallowee- oh wait, it is!"

He looked around. Maybe this was just a very well set up trick. His neighbour must have paid a lot of money to host this trick, but then again, she dealt in drugs.

Yeah! It was just a trick. A very good one.

He laughed.

And was run over by a truck.

Chapter 5: OH TRUCK![edit | edit source]

Fred, George and three other un-named children ran across the street for the sake of running across the street.

"HEY LOOK GUYS! I'M RUNNING ACROSS A STREET!" yelled Un-named child 1.

"HEY LOOK! YOU'RE BEING RUN OVER BY A TRUCK!" yelled Un-named child 2.

Un-named child 1 was ran over by a truck.

"WAH!" shouted Un-named child 3, for his name was Wah.

"Why are you calling out to yourself, WAH!" shouted Un-named child 2.

"I don't know." he replied.

Chapter 6: Rhyme Time[edit | edit source]

Sense. That made none.

Truck. On street.

Driver. Is drunk.

Kid. Is dead.

Talking. In phrases.

Almost. Rhythmic like.

But. Very interesting.

Look. Two words.

One. Single word.

But. Then two.

Together. Is Three.

Waking. From sleep.

What. Is happening?

Must. Find out.

Cannot. Wake up.

Looking. At blood.

Realization. My blood.

Realization. I'm dead.

Peaceful. Dying now.

Bye. I'm dead.

Wait. I'm dead.

Check. Is right?

Yup. I'm dead.

Head. Conking ground.

I am now sleeping.

HUH! Above saying!

Didn't. Follow Rhythm.

Anyways. I die.

Chapter 7: The End Is soon[edit | edit source]

Soon Wah was dead.

Nobody knew how, except for the fact that he started getting nosebleeds after he said that. And the fact that he started speaking in rhythmic beats, similar to Coca Cola Guy.

Maybe he had been watching too much commercials. His mom should never have bought him that newfangular moving light box where you could watch moving light and other moving things like trucks, except in the form of moving light. Eeh, spasms were not good today.

"LIFE SUCKS!" cried out Fred.

George turned around, and saw Wah's body.

"HEY! YOU GUYS LISTENING TO ME???" cried out Fred.

A window opened behind him. A man was trying to sleep.

"Hey, you guys listening to me???" whispered Fred.

No one could hear him. Un-named child 2 was walking down the road.

"Hey! I know this place! It's the swimming pool near my house!"

He snuck inside and began to swim.

"La la la... look, I'm swimming!" he said to the others.

"Yeah. How did I not notice that?" replied Fred, scared of the man trying to sleep with an open window.

An airplane flew above the swimming pool, however it was low-flying. Whatever it was doing down there, nobody knew.

The only thing people knew was that Un-named child 2 had been killed by low-flying planes.


Chapter 8: Swimming[edit | edit source]

Fred and George remained.

They looked at the red pool.

Everything was red these days.


A window opened behind him again.

He was getting scared, with all these sleeping men and opening windows.


A window opened. Somebody was pissed. Finally.

Tantrums flew, as well as words unknown to sleeping men. Swear words. That people didn't even know existed.

  • toot* *toot* *toot* *beep* *beep* *censor* *toot*

A train drove past.

  • toot* *toot* *toot* *horn*

Finally, a rock flew.

Chapter 9: Survivor[edit | edit source]

George looked up. At the sky. There was nothing else to look at when he looked up anyway.

In his dying breaths, he breathed. There was nothing else he could do with breath anyway, except try to make someone get pissed by breathing on their face.

The rock had hit the wrong person.


George winced in pain. Because when you wince, normally it's cause of pain.

The pain was being winced. George took his final glimpse of earth, and then his final un-glimpse of earth, and then went to sleep.


Chapter 10: Alone[edit | edit source]

Fred shut up.

So many people died today. And so early too. This was like one of those movies he watched. What was it called again? Oh yeah, that's right: Home Alone. No. Somehow that wasn't right. Ehhh, whatever. At least he wasn't dead. He walked down the steps to the pond and sat on the bench. It was unbalanced and it flipped over, spearing him through the head.

In his final breaths, he breathed.