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Halloween!! Hallo?? WEEN!! Over fricking here, Een, you mong!! Over here!! HALLO!!!

What a frickin' mong...

Who wants Mexicans to write their article anyway? It's not like they can read...

“'Ay, I'll have no badmoutheeng Mexeecans 'ere my friend!”

~ Rodrigo Gonzalez Bastado

Quit, you[edit | edit source]

Wait, what's an Een anyway? Wadda dumb name! Even worse than Curdenfnimfle.


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No Jumpscares at all[edit | edit source]

There are no jumpscares on halloween. Especially not in the movies.

TRICK OR TREEEEEEEEEAT![edit | edit source]

That's what all da kids say during tomorrow.

“YIAY. I'm Doctor DUuH. For this speech sip, (inhales) we will focus on the... ...BUuH!!!”