Home Alone 8

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"AHHH!" Jimmy screamed.

"Jimmy," Jimmy's Mom said. "Are you sure you'll be alright alone again, you've been chased around by 2 stereotypical criminals 7 times before?" "Yes mom." Jimmy replied. "Alright then have a good day!." And then she left. Jimmy stared at the floor. Slowly rose his head up and screamed, "Oh no! I'm home alone!" In a very cliché way. There was a knock on the door. Jimmy opened it. "Oh no! Not you guys!" The two men stood there. Then they started chasing Jimmy around the house knocking oddly enough only the valuable glass objects. Jimmy was much faster because one of the men was on a motor scooter and the other with a cane. Jimmy bolted out his door and ran down the street.

He finally came to a stop at an old London telephone booth. He was panting and very tired. Then he saw the men approaching towards him in the slight yonder. "Ahhhh!" He shrieked with his hands on his cheeks. He ran again, yet again strangely knocking over only the most valuable of objects. "Someone help me!" He shouted. A police officer approached him. "What seems to be the problem?" "The bad men are chasing men again!" The cop stared at the two old men. He chuckled. "What is this some kind of joke? What am I on YouTube, where's the camera?" "I need to call my mommy!" Jimmy cried. The two men were still very slowly approaching. Even though the were moving at .001 miles per hour random glass objects were breaking behind them. "Come with me."

The cop escorted Jimmy to some sort of hospital. They sat him in the room. A man in a white coat came in. He had a 7 o'clock shadow (if you can imagine that) and rimless glasses. "So Jimmy, what's your full name?" Jimmy thought. "Jimmy Smitts." "Alright Mr. Smitts, what year is it?" "2009." "Good, good. How old are you?" Jimmy looked around searching for and answer. "16." "Ummm... Jimmy," The doctor pulled a piece of paper out a folder. "It says here that you're 30." "What?!" Jimmy was shocked. "Yes, there's been so many Home Alones you've just gotten older. The same plot gets old Jimmy. Besides, the first home alone was like 20 years ago." Jimmy was in denial. "I want my mom..." "She'll be here soon enough. Actually your Dad is." The two old men went into the room. One of them slowly said, "I'm here to pick up my son, Jimmy." He didn't have his dentures in so it sound sorta like, "Ima herzge to parchgy auyjfa Jimmy." "No!" Jimmy cried. "Don't listen to him!" "Here you go Jimmy's dad." The doctor man said. "Nooo!" Jimmy shouted. "This is so cliché!" "OK never mind." The doctor guy said. The men left. "Wha-What happened?" Jimmy asked in complete shock. "You wanted them to go away, didn't you?" The doctor asked. "But how? You're not supposed to believe me cause you think I'm crazy that's how Home Alone 1-7 worked." "Jimmy," The doctor looked at him. "You're a grown man, you can do whatever you want."

Jimmy's mom picked him up and they went home. "I can't believe this." She said. She paced around the room. "Look at this house! The china is broken, the utensils and on the ground... Not my vase!" "But mom," Jimmy argued. "The mean men were here." "What men? What are you talking about." Jimmy thought about what the doctor had told him. "OK Mom, cut the crap. You know there was bad guys here its in the script. I'm a grown adult I'm not crazy or 'oh he's just a kid'. I'm 30! Besides that china looks like a dog shitted on it OK! So why don't you just go to bed and tomorrow everything will be back to normal because that's how these cheesy movies work!" Jimmy was furious with anger. He was tired of being blamed every movie for something he didn't do. "Oh, would you look, the TV's cracked!"