The Witch, the Wardrobe, and the Mastodon

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Frenzied minds of children sometimes need a good, moral, wholesome story of gruesome religiously motivated torture, but the Bible is too subtle for their as yet uncrushed little minds and spirits to grasp. That's where good people like C. S. Lewis come in. Instead of the gripping story of the Mel Gibson film on Christ's death, Lewis gives us benign images of fairies, witches, mastodons and other playful imaginary creatures, standing in for the tragic figures of Testaments Old and New.

Prophets and saints always get the poop end of the stick, of course. However, why tell the kids that while they're so young and innocent? Encourage their imaginary friends to sleep over. Make them believe in the Sky God.

Or, alternatively, one could teach kids that there is no right and wrong, only things we happen to like and dislike, which would mean there's no reason torture of any kind is wrong other than you and your buddies happen to dislike it. We wouldn't want to do something so terrible as to give kids a system of ethics which claims that torturing people is actually WRONG, oh no. We should all watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and just unquestioningly believe whatever he says without question or even analysis. And don't listen to those pesky philosophers who insist on doing metaphysics, because it's all in Nietzsche and what do they teach them in these schools??

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