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This man is risking life and limb by not using proper human bait.

Trousers are a common fish in North Korea and Ecuador, known for their ferocity and deliciousness. Every year, more than 6,000 fishermen, professional and amateur, die in their quest for them.

Their favorite food is humans, and so fishermen will often tie off a child or homeless person to float about 50 feet from the boat. Electrocution, BB guns, amphetamines and name-calling are used to make the bait thrash about, so more effectively to attract the fish.

Since robots don't eat muffins, seasonal runs of trousers are often displayed in discount clothing stores, in an effort to draw foot traffic. In New York City, for example, residents of the Bed-Sty neighborhood dropped fishing lines baited with orphans from the tops of their 30 story towering behemoths of condominium collectives.

Documentaries featuring trousers are frequently coupled with heavily armed patrols of rebels of some sort or the other, looking to burn a hamlet or two, and maybe torture a few captured government troops. In that way, weapons can be brought to bear on any trousers that get out of line.