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Cory In The House is an anime series that aired on the Disney XD Channel from 2007 to 2010. The show starred Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter, AKA Perfect Waifu. The show centers around Cory being in the house. Many anime connoisseurs praise this as the best anime ever for a multitude of reasons. For one, the visuals are hyper realistic, and the storyline is so well written that you really feel like you are in the house.

Cory Does The Dew

Gaming[edit | edit source]

Cory in the House explores many different cultures, world issues, how to eat donkey, and why Radiohead is euphoria incarnate, but that's not all. Cory In The House also made a foray into gaming, a first attempt to make an episode of a TV series in game form. The game was met with incredible responses, such as "10/10 Sick Gameplay m8, why are we even rating anymore?" -IGN. The show has also cured AIDS and Cancer and Bieber Fever, and all this during the time that the Tubesockalypse was nigh on its way.

Lore and Backstory[edit | edit source]

Cory In The House has a very deep backstory, spanning generations and generations of people in the house. The lore rivals that of Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. It is very deep and involved, and you could fill a whole book with Lore behind Cory In The House.

Cory is seen here carrying the White House, a metaphor pertaining to society's clear ideals.

Cory In The House is about Cory and Victor Baxter, the son and father of Raven Baxter from "That's So Raven". The president of USA decides he needs a good chef, and hires Danktor to be his personal chef. So the two pack their bags and head straight to Washington to live in the Weed Palace House. There, Cory meets some interesting people, like the president's annoying 1337 year-old daughter, and Danke Penstroom, the daughter of the ambassador of the Middle East (or something like that, who becomes Cory's (waifu) interest. He also meets his new best friend, Newt Dankstons who is a son of the United W33d Palace Chief Justice (his mother) and a senator (his father). What will happen to Cory? You'll just have to see.

Ah, but clearly...[edit | edit source]

We interrupt this program, to note, that this is lies, made up by the Illuminati. Yes.

Frieza[edit | edit source]

When Cory got used to his life in the White House, a mysterious space ship arrived near the White House. Out came Frieza, tyrant of the universe. Cory became a Super Saiyan, but still couldn't land a single hit. Out of desperation, Cory smoked some weed, drank some Mountain Dew, and ate some Doritos. He defeated Frieza with a single attack, and forced Frieza to suck his dick in exchange for his survival. Frieda obeyed, and after having given Cory the blowjob of his life, he was killed anyway, because Cory don't give two shits about Frieza. Cell, however, was still hiding.

Death Note[edit | edit source]

Three years after having defeated Frieza, Cory found a mysterious notebook on the ground. He realized quickly that it was a Death Note, and knew that he had to abuse its powers. Wasting no time, he wrote Donald Trump's name in the notebook, and Donald Trump got raped so hard that he died. Cory continued to kill, writing numerous names in the notebook every day, until one day, he killed the President. The President died of explosive diarrhea in Canada, and Cory's father became President. Cory decided to hide the notebook, and that in five years, he would kill his father and take power.

Arrival of the Illuminati[edit | edit source]

Cory settled down and got married to his boyfriend Newt Dankstons. They lived happily, and made many babies. One day, the Illuminati arrived to the White House, which was now White Castle. Cory was vacationing with Newt, so he was miles away at the time. Cory's father was killed and the Illuminati took power. Cory returned a month later, and got extremely pissed when he found out about his father's death. Sadly, he got a blunt shoved up his ass so hard that he seemingly died.

Infiltration[edit | edit source]

Cory infiltrated the Illuminati and found out Cell was the leader. Cory shoved three blunts up Cell's ass, killing him instantly. Cory defeated the Illuminati and took power, and then ruled the universe.

And so, The GRAND CONCLUSION![edit | edit source]

What a dank ending to a dank story of a dank black boy named Cory. *takes a hit of blunt* ooooooh yeah brotherrrr let's settle it in the ring! Hulkamania!

Future[edit | edit source]

Currently, Toei Animation is getting to work on a new arc for this this hit anime series, where the Illuminati returns, more powerful than ever, and Cory must go back in time and save the future, meanwhile allied with the legendary Hulk Hogan.

Reboot[edit | edit source]

A reboot was released from May 26 to June 26, 2017; here were the episodes: Toku Era:

  1. Cory goes to Mexico, Cory meets Donald Trump, your very best friend
  2. Cory sees a clown, In october 2016 clownz kill the president and Cory kills the clowns back.
  3. BRAZZERS, Cory jacks off to some Amourshipping porn. In this case the logo changed nothing. For that matter, they actually referenced that in this show, which is intended for kids, and nobody complained. Maybe it's a Japanese thing?
  4. Die Zauberflöte, A anime adaption of Mozart's last opera
  5. Jeffy visits the White House, Supermariologan meets Cory in the house
  6. Cory listens to the new Linkin Park album, once. He then tosses it into the trash, where it is then found by a group of mice.
  7. Cory hits some root beer and gets drunk and does a cancan
  8. The president is a zombie
  9. A stranger goes into the White house, talks to Cory, He said that Cory will fight the dragon, the dragon is his penis, Cory sucks on the penis and cm flies out, then Cory rapes a duck in the White House Lawn
  10. Cory looks down a Furisode Girl's skirt and then sniffs coke and goes to Shangri-La
  11. Cory wakes up in 9000 AD
  12. Cory listens to magical dubstep which gets him transported back to the present, then he goes to a public injecting room and accepts some fake drugs. This kills him, and the meme dies alongside.
  13. Due to black lash of the previous episode, Cory is alive from the drugs and gives him superpowers and flies to the White House
  14. Cory meets Contest Idol Lisia and rapes her
  15. Cory goes to a circus and the ringmaster dies
  16. Cory takes over tha circus and gropes a acrobat
  17. Cory mistreats the animals in the circus
  18. Cory goes to jail and while he's in jail, he gets deformed due to a potion he drank
  19. Cory does a coup and betrays Trump takes over the US
  20. Cory bombs and occupies Austria as part of Cory's Law
  21. Cory writes a book of Cory plans
  22. Cory shoots people in Vienna
  23. Cory takes over Czechia
  24. In the first special episode, Cory teams up with Putin to invade and destory and occupy Poland
  25. Poland surrenders and forms a goverment at the bottom of Poland
  26. Slovakia joins the Cory army
  27. Cory invades Norway, then destroys the Munch Museum, Because The Scream scared him and occupies Norway
  28. Cory invades and occupies Denmark
  29. Cory sees Amsterdam and destroys the city, a kennel and occupying The Netherlands
  30. Cory destroys and occupies Belgium and Luxembourg
  31. Cory wants to see Pikaidol Serena, so he goes to France and the Moulin Rouge
  32. The Pikaidol does a cancan, So Cory jacks off to her
  33. Cory destroys and does a series of bombings and attacks on Paris
  34. Cory calls Putin and Gentiloni to finish off France
  35. Cory destroys Russia with pikachu
  36. Cory orders Austrians, Czechs, Poles, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch people, Belgians, Luxembourgish people, Frenchman and Russians to go to Moulin Rouge to catch Pikaidol Serena's cancan performance there.
  37. Putin sees that Cory has destoryed and occupied Russia, Putin says he that he betrayed Cory and declares war on Cory and sends his army after Cory's army
  38. In the second special episode, Cory and Putin's army fight in a bloody battle in Saint Petersburg
  39. James Comey seeks asylum in Russia and knocks on Cory's door for a year
  40. Cory agrees to teach Comey Beninese French
  41. Cory's propaganda minister blames social upheaval in West Africa on Donald Trump
  42. Cory invades and occupies West Africa, he then eats banana and shoots a monkey, Pikaidol Serena dances the cancan in front of James Comey and Cory's propaganda minister, they say "that's a nice ass yo got here!"
  43. Cory invades and occupies Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenergo, Kosovo and Albania
  44. Globalization continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace
  45. Putin's Army tries to expel Cory from the Balkans and fails
  46. Putin's Army invades and occupies Brazil. While Cory tries to disrupt their communication network, Norway and Denmark revolt against Cory.
  47. Putin's Army sets up a matriarchial puppet government in the country formerly known as Brazil
  48. Britain helps Norway and Denmark while revolting against Cory, Cory's airforce minister sees this and gets triggered and sends planes after the Norwegian, Danish and British airplanes
  49. Britain won the fight, but Cory shot the Norwegian and Danish rebels
  50. Cory gets engaged to Inna Shevchenko. The Navajo Nation expels Putin's Army from South America and restores Brazil's federative government.
  51. Cory is assassinated by Pikaidol Serena for singing "Na Balkanu" by Neda Ukraden in the Netherlands
  52. Cory's funeral is held in Croatia, with the Croatians honoring Cory with dandelions. Serena gives birth to Cory's illegitimate child
  53. Iceland launches intercontinental ballistic missiles against Spain, France, and Norway
  54. Shevchenko imposes sanctions on Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan
  55. Saudi Arabia threatens Ukraine with airstrikes. Iceland crashes England's tea.
  56. The Navajo Nation brings armed warships to Brazil to sell frybread
  57. Saudi Arabia bombs Crimea, much to Shevchenko's surprise
  58. Comey, acting in trust for Cory Jr., orders Austria and Czechia to invade Saudi Arabia
  59. China starts mass-producing frybread and bananas
  60. Kazakhstan borrows $47 billion from China and uses it to buy Chinese-made frybread and bananas

Cory in the House was cancelled by Toku after episode 60 because of backlash after episode 51. But Adult Swim picked up the reboot after Toku cancelled it. Adult Swim Era:

  1. Cory Jr. announces that he will exterminate all people in Europe and West Africa because his dad occupied them
  2. Cory Jr. occupies Hungary and Romania and Bulgaria and Mongolia and China
  3. Cory Jr. Kills People in Warsaw and Prague and Paris
  4. Cory Jr. tells Saudi Arabia and Japan to bomb the Navajo nation
  5. Cory Jr. builds camps for the citizens of the occupied territoies
  6. Cory Jr. Declares war on the Navajo Nation
  7. Putin's army is at Volvograd waiting for Cory Jr's army to fight
  8. Cory Jr. sees that the Navajo is at the Pacific Ocean, He gets triggered
  9. Navajo Nations liberates China and Mongolia from Cory Jr.
  10. Putin's army wins the Battle of Volvograd
  11. Navajo Nation liberates West Africa, Fights Saudi Arabia and goes to Italy to find Gentiloni because what he did to France
  12. Iceland and Britain liberate France,Belgium,Norway,Denmark,Netherlands,Luxembourg and Austria
  13. Cory Jr occupies Italy and Spain
  14. Putin's army liberates Poland,Hungary,Romania,Bulgaria and the Balkans And Greece and Russia and the camps for the citizens of the occupied territoies to get killed
  15. Putin's army Liberates Czechia
  16. The Navajo Nation,Putin's and Cory Jr's army met in Berlin,Germany
  17. They all fight in the Battle of Berlin, famous people are killed like Pikaidol Serena,Comey,Cory's airforce minister (Victor Baxter) and Gentiloni
  18. Cory Jr commits suicide after Italy and Spain get liberated and his propaganda minister (Newt) comes to power and kills himself too.
  19. Navajo Nation wins, ending the war in Europe
  20. In the series finale, Navajo Nations bombs Japan, liberating the nations that Japan occupied ending WWIII

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