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Lodido en welkom op de Illogicopedia!

Welcome to ?pedia! Hope you enjoy your stay. Please leave your nouns in the locker room
(behind the the door marked "LOLCHEESE")

So anyway, this is a pseudo-official greeting from a user who may or may not be an admin/sysop/werewolf, so here come the obligatory links to pages to help you out and tell you "Don't be teh vandal kthx":

  • Our beginner's guide is here
  • If you want more info on ?pedia, 'tis right here, and in case you've come from Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia or some other "humour" wiki, we also recommend that you understand how ?pedia is different from other wikis
  • A less sensible explanation of our beloved 'pedia is here
  • Our general disclaimer is not here, but here --> LOOKIE
  • Don't be afraid to visit us on IRC DISCORD

The rules, such as "ROFL KILL THE BABIESN'T PLZN'T (notn't)" are here. People breaking the rules will have a koala thrown at them, and may also possibly receive a Chinese burn.

So, that's all for now... Please be nice, make great articles and help contribute to our community in any way possible: e.g. template making, voting for articles or users, et cetera.

~ The Illogicopedia Welcoming Committee


~ The Illogicopedia Community on welcoming new members
Whether it's through compulsory community service for crimes we won't go into or just personal choice, you've just joined illogicopedia. First and foremost, may I take your coat *rifles through the pockets*.

This greeting if not nailed to your forehead (or applied forcefully with No More Nails) is most likely from an admin/werewolf/Jonas the Happy Vandal/Sysop which makes it excellent, so RELAX. Now we're all relaxed, I'll quickly get through the bits you need to know (rules and where to go etc, and my bribe of course):

  • If you're actually a vandal then prepare to be squashed by an oversized novelty sandal.
    Duck patrol2.JPG
  • If you're a complete beginner to wiki's then you may want to click here.
  • If you're nibbling on any cheese or cookies at the moment, STOP! ...Hammer Time! Those are for Santa - our resident stuttering old perv.
  • Just so you know what we're about (the life drawing class is left of that pop-up) I'd advise clicking here. I have to emphasise the section "In comparison to other wikis", just incase you're a fleeing uncyclopedia/uncycling flea user etc.
  • Any featured work will be rewarded with a gold star (to put on your Christmas tree) whilst any !$"?@#!1*&!! work will be rewarded with a swift slap to the chops.
  • If you turn out to infact be a brilliant user and aren't at this point laughing at the huge crater you've made where the Illogia once stood then you could be elidgible for Writer of the Month (or at least an unofficial Insane/Dedication award). If all else fails drink holy water and watch as a big hole-y forms through your heart.
  • If it all goes horribly wrong and the police find your stash of Nuclear warheads, have broken into your house, and the ghost busters are unavailable then you should probably franticly claw for help in the direction of these guys.
  • If you want to wear a funny wig and sit in a house full of commoners or lards then a political party membership may be for you. I recommend the Strangled Cats party.
  • When we finally figure out you're the user that keeps stealing our pocessions we're going to need to keep in touch with you (so we can get a clear shot at ya :P). So please feel free to leave comments on user's talk pages or our sparkling forum. You can talk to us directly on our IRC chatroom.
  • Now all that's left is the complimentary welcoming mint, and my bribe. £<insert number with more zeroes than Binary Code at the end of it here> please. Make all cheques payable to hell.

(Sorry, my Dutch isn't very good yet, and our upside-down Ukrainian flags only come in English)

CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 16:43, 13 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)

User:Cg098, thanks. Don't worry about your Dutch, that language is scheduled to get superseded by English in the next few decades. Although this may get delayed due to Brexit and Covid. On a less or more serious note, I was wondering to what degree and are related. is getting spammed to death and none of the admins have been active in the past few years. I left some suggestions at but kinda doubt anyone will respond after so many years. JeRooktTeveelZooi (talk) 14:30, 14 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
That would be sad. English has already taken over Australia and most of North America. It doesn't need to start making inroads on the European continent, too!
If I understand it correctly, the Dutch site is managed autonomously. But I think I'm friends with The Pioneer on Discord. If he's actually an admin on that site, he might be willing to implement/update the abuse filters. Some of the other abuse filters on the English Illogicopedia might work there too. CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 20:06, 14 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
User:Cg098, that would be great! User:The Pioneer hasn't made any edits since 2019 either here or on the Dutch site, but he's indeed an admin according to JeRooktTeveelZooi (talk) 03:38, 15 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
He actually thought it would be better if I handled it so he gave me admin there. I'll start working on it. CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 01:58, 16 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)

Sockpuppets and bots[edit source]

So you've got sockpuppets and bots, eh? CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 18:59, 17 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)

Should I call my lawyer? JeRooktTeveelZooi (talk) 19:11, 17 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
Yes, you're going to need a competent lawyer to get out of this one. I'd suggest you get one who has passed the bar. CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 16:10, 18 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
I'll have to go with Lionel Hutz then.. Bij de weg, is there anything you could do so I'd be less affected by the rate limit on and that would allow me to edit spam user pages? JeRooktTeveelZooi (talk) 17:57, 18 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
I don't really know how the rate limit works. I'd say don't worry about marking all the pages. It's not too difficult to tell what's spam and what's not. CG098 (talk ☼‎ contribs) 18:59, 18 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)
You can see your own limits at I'm autoconfirmed now, don't think I was before, so this should be solved. (will try later) I'm also able to edit User: pages from others now, either because you altered the abuse filter or because I'm autoconfirmed now. :-) JeRooktTeveelZooi (talk) 21:40, 18 Jeremy 2023 (UTC)