Washington, D.C.

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The initials "D.C." following the word Washington stands for "Deceit Corporation". This monolithic company was formed in 1776 by a group of terrorists from England who didn't want to pay the ridiculous penny tax on a pound of tea. Years of looting, shooting, and blowing up people and places with cannons ensued until finally the Great Britain monopoly was divided in half.

George Washington the first person to be elected chairman of the board and immediately set about chopping down all the cherry trees at the White House. They have since been replanted near the tidal basin, under the watchful eye of Thomas Jefferson.

In the some 200 years following the longest lasting corporation in US history, many CEOs have come and gone but few have managed to last longer than 4 years. The stockholders are notorious for firing them after 4 years. Only one has held the position for longer than eight years. Current holdings include Iraq, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Guam, Yellowstone, and the MLB Washington Generals.

Washington D.C. is famous for its crime rate, and visitors come from far and wide to be robbed there. The residents are so fond of their high crime rate that they re-elected the mayor who was convicted of smoking crack.