What happened to that orange thing?

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Ah, the age-old question. A question that no man has ever been able to answer. Like the meaning of life, only more completely random. And like cheese, only less, cheesey. With bananas. And way too much harder to answer, which gives it a kind of lineal outline, don't you agree?

Mice are very smart, although this in no way proves anything in this case.

I call all this new hype 'Cheesey Banana Cows', and it will be opening this Weddingsday to the general dolphin public. I hope to see you there, with all your electrical wire pole dancers (even if they are banned by the confederation of coffee-sheds, but don't listen to those Herjonksies.)

The answer to this age old question is surprisingly simple, if you decided to study it for a hundred years like I have. A hundred years, if you look from the view of a toilet roll, is not very wide. Toilets are commonly mistaken for Bosnia Kerjasvatoy, as all orangey-yaks are most likely to be blind. But it is quite simple that the time-space-vaccum make a linear preposition to Germanish lions.

From all this evidence, it can clearly be seen that the orange thing was abducted by avocados, although now that all rubber ducks are speaking Spanish, shampoo may be at a higher price. However, it is quite certain the avocadoes are yellow.

And that is why dictionaries are greeeeeen.

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