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Some light children's reading observed at my local library.

Unlike some butt-obsessed decadent "monkeys with car keys", reducing the volume of Thundercleese' renditions of "Three Hams Will Kill Him" until the notary public arrives, cannot alleviate Appalachian Kunkle Dancing symptoms. As the belching commences, three hams come into play in the form of an awful stench. Thereafter, food can be your friend, or your foe, but if you eat too much of it, to heaven you may go.

“I like to take and sew my pants up with pudding.”

~ Brak on porpoise

So, I've been watching Brak, and now I'm watching Sealab 2021, and serendipitously heard references to pudding in both. What are the chances? Erik Estrada dreamed of metal teeth, and yet could not bring himself to provoke his captain into a fit of pique.

Fitted out in boot-cut genes and slouch socks, the tentacle-hungry captain set his sights on giant squids accumulating on the windshield, and some even wriggled in through the vents. Homer poured himself another single malt Scotsman, turned to face his enemies with tear gas grenades and commenced to speak at length on his "adventures" at the laundromats in his city. Others gathered to hear his tales of Imogene Coca, caressing maracas lovingly and formidably line dancing towards the exits, all in good order.

“She is a fierce and fickle mistress.”

~ Some French Guy on the sea

The real story[edit]

The only reason wrowbawttzq exists is so that meh berd can be cooler than it. Wrowbawttzq is not to be confused with robots, which are related to wrowbawttzq, but are way, way cooler.

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