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A bum.

Bum (also known as The Forbidden Word) is widely considered to be the most offensive word in the English language, even more so than buttlins and arseanal. My bum is on your lips.

Criminal penalty for usage of The Forbidden Word[edit | edit source]

The criminal penalty for usage of The Forbidden Word varies from country to country. Below is a table of the maximum charges that can be brought against any asian or furry:

Country Meaning of Life
America Incineration by satan.
Auntie Arctic A complex process involving Pokemon and cheese, combined with the doom complex of Habsburg.
The Serviet Onion Ve vill furst remov der brain and den ve vill kill you mistuh Bond.
Ultra Japan No one has ever lived to tell the tale... except for The Divine One, who managed to spheroidally escape the building just milliseconds before it exploded into a bajillion shards of painful glass that could have impaled his head with painful impaling but it didn't so he was lucky lolololololol.
Umbrellistan Deportation to the Seven hells
Your mother Very tasty!
1 40 lashings and a free bottle of cider.
2 Cider lashings and a free bottle of 40.


Bumfluff[edit | edit source]

Bumfluff is a type of fluff found in the anus / rectum of a mammal.

Types of Bumfluff[edit | edit source]

  • Anus Fluff (Pink)
  • Rectum Fluff (Blue)
  • Bum Fluff (Green)

You've seen it, now unsee it[edit | edit source]