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“Enjoy your Ban! :)”

~ Person who tried to remove this page because he likes ytp

“When there's backs, they're ready to be broken!”

~ WalrusGuy

“If I were adopted, I'd make jokes of 9/11”

~ Typical YTPer

“Stupid Illogicopedia, I'm gonna make an episode about them in YTP news!”

~ Stuart K. Riley

YouTube Poop (aka The Eye Candy edition of Skrillex) is an amazing genre of video art as we all know as the best known in YouTube history! It started in November 27, 2006 by a brilliant artist named SuperYoshi, a great maker of YouTube Poop itself! Most YouTube Poops these days are much better then Spaghetti and Dinner, but this piece of art is real!

Hey Illogicopedia, What is this?[edit]

YouTube Poop is actually better then YouTube or Poop. It contains at least over 9000 tons more poop and youtube put together itself. These somewhat "YTPs" or "poops" are full of videos containing about 2 minutes to six thousand hours of funny nonsense with random jumbo full of video editing effects. It also contains funny nonsense like Ear Rape, Sentence Mixing, Visual Effects, Spaghetti, Dinner, and Sex Jokes. Did I forget Sex Jokes?

YouTube Poop also contains storylines, including other crap we don't know about. Seriously, who likes stories?

The History[edit]

YouTube Poop was invented in 15,000 BC and created by evil mastermind aliens. One of their names were WalrusGuy, KroboProductions, DeeperCutt, and the lord himself, SuperYoshi. First off, they're so called "YouTube Poops" were not called YouTube Poops. They were actually called, just simply "Poops". They started off as what they like to call the dark ages, where all it is, is just unfunny word replacements, like "Spaghetti", "Dinner", "Super Freeze Breath", "Bwah hahahah", "Die", and a bunch of other words that aren't even used in the dictionary often. Until in 2008, there was a new baby born when a new person, in the name of "YouTube" had love time together with SuperYoshi, and they called their new child "YouTube Poop."

YouTube Poop has gone thousands of years from now, and from judging from today, it has gone better then expected.

There were absolutely new babies born every year, like Counter-Strike Costs $'188, Da chairs were broken with 1 or more Things, Sinned is under Tragedy when going into 88 problems, Krobo Takes To Do More Productions, Mo has his Bros prep his Studios, and many more people.


Guess what? YouTube Poop actually has a community! Yes, it's called YouChew. YouChew was made 100 years after the invention of YouTube Poop, and it has a ton of hypocritical people who like Hulk Hogan memes and Anime Porn. YouTube Poop is actually better then the community because of it's funniness, unlike these hentai lovers...

There is also a new invention called YouTube Poop Tennis, where it is NOT like Tennis at all, it's actually matches between 2 different people, including X-way matches that take 9 million years to make. It also has an ACTUAL news show created by this smartie named "Stuart K. Riley." He's such a good news reporter, that everyone likes him a lot and respects him like a god! Unlike SuperYoshi, him and Stuart have a rough out battle from which is the best king of YouTube Poop. But unlike this, the fight never ends. There is never an agreement.

In fact, there's also a WIKI About YouTube Poop, named Chewiki! It's all about YouTube Poop fads, memes, etc! They would never stop! There's also a page about us too, which might not be made because Chewiki admins are too lazy to look at this.

There's also YTPMV, aka YouTube Poop Music Video, created by people who have created masterpieces and they have decided to mix visual art with music itself, you get this! How amazing, isn't it!

In conclusion[edit]

Yep, YouTube can be a real easy place to be deviant, right?